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When colour goes Mad!

When colour goes Mad!

Theres a new kid on the block and its loud, brash and in your face.

Yodica is one of the latest names to hit the new film shelf of our favourite stockist, Analogue Wonderland.

We have really been in for a treat recently with Dubble bringing new renderings to the fore and more subtle new entries into the film charts from the likes of Silberra.  Yodica has something new to offer in the style and theme previously seen from the likes of Revolog but this time on steroids. Bright bold bands of colour shift take horizontal and vertical sweeps across reanimated 35mm emulsion which, as far as I can deduce, is no more than a bog standard 200 iso Kodak stock film.

Pegasus adds a rainbow horizontal shift down through the image .   Image property of Shaun Hall 2018.

Pegasus adds a rainbow horizontal shift down through the image.

Image property of Shaun Hall 2018.

I have enjoyed using Revolog film in the past, in particular the 600nm and Kolor films.  However I do find the results are very dependant on variations in the film itself.  Sometimes I would get mediocre results in all but the brightest of light, other times distinctly dark and contrasty images only seemed to best reproduce the films colourful nuances. As with the new Yodica offerings I understand the film is reanimated, in other words pushed through a piece of equipment which adds pre-exposed shifts of light and colour.

On a trip to Cornwall in late August we decided to ry a couple of the new Yodica films - Vega and Pegasus.

Pegasus is tagged as a 400 iso speed film, presumably due to the previous exposure which creates the effects and which diminish the original stock speed of 200 iso.  Out of the two films tested Pegasus was by far the most vivid and also seemed to enjoy being tested under the various scanning controls we use on out Epson V600 scanner and allowing varied and distinct results.

Vega had far less variation in colour and seemed to be subtle in the way the whole image benefited from the shift of colour and tone .

Both films were a joy to shoot and gave consisted results throughout the whole 36 exposures.  Interestingly though I shot the Pegasus on my Canon F-1 and I always manage to squeeze 37-38 images of of a standard roll.  Both the two last images on my roll had no colour shift effect and looked more like a 160 iso Kodak Portra image.  No room for complaint though as I did get exactly what it says on the tin, 36 images with the desired effect.

Vega has broader bands and less variations of colour.    Image property of Shaun Hall 2018.

Vega has broader bands and less variations of colour.

Image property of Shaun Hall 2018.


In terms of subtlety, if there is any at all to be found with these films, I think the Vega offered a more useable compromise.  No one should shoot this film unless they want to have fun and I have purchased the other offerings in the range and will be testing them out over the next few months.  I will certainly be keeping a roll of this in my bag especially for those sunny beach holidays when I may just load up a Point and Shoot and go have some fun.  Overall highly recommended and a great way to add a little extra colour into your film photography.


Yodica can be found at Analogue Wonderland along with a wide variety of of over 170 other film types.


The films tested in this article were purchased by myself and I have no affiliation to either Analogue Wonderland nor Yodica other tan being a customer.


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